About us

We’re so happy you’re here. GEMVITALITY was founded by Sahar MacLachlan, a first-time mother who discovered that after having children she no longer made time for herself. 
She began to lose herself in the tiring, yet rewarding role of motherhood and almost forgot who she was. Her battle with maternal mental health illness led her on a journey into a very dark place. Once our founder realized that self-care and self-love were missing from her life she began the journey to better health.
That’s why at GEMVITALITY our mission is to provide high-quality products true to our intent and purpose: Self-love. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. Carrying around a tiny pocket crystal may help remind you to relax, improve your mood and/or remind you of your intent. Using a face roller before bed may help you feel like you’re treating yourself to a luxurious facial. However you decide to partake in self-love, you can always count on us for uplifting energy and feel-good vibes because you are worth it! Now let’s help awaken your higher self.